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They are in the picture below which was kindly sent in by the son of one of the RAMC members aboard. O. alone had approximately 700 Hospital units of all kinds in operation overseas at this time … During the period June 30, 1943toJune 30, 1945, the MD’s task of hospitalizing sick and wounded personnel exceeded that of any previous period in the history of the U. North Korean forces struck massively in the summer of 1950 and nearly drove the outnumbered US and ROK defenders into the sea.

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A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front: Memoirs from a WWI Camp Hospital

15 DIVISION Divisional Troops Divisional Ammunition Column : 3 July 1915 - 30 May 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1924/4)

Thetis Down: The Slow Death of a Submarine

24 Division Divisional Troops 109 Brigade Royal Field Artillery: 1 September 1915 - 31 August 1916 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2198/1)

Gallipoli (VCs of the First World War)

Naval Institute, an independent professional association founded in 1873 which closely follows navy matters. “There is growing concern that China’s pattern of behavior in the South China Sea reflects an incremental effort by China to assert control of the area contained in the so-called 9-dash line despite the objections of its neighbors, and despite the lack of any explanation or apparent basis under international law,” Fannell also said 58 Division Headquarters, Branches and Services General Staff: 1 January 1918 - 31 March 1918 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2988). Tens of millions of American Christian Zionists support Israeli expansionism because they believe it will bring Armageddon and the return of Jesus. United States military and political leaders, especially under President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, doubtless seek "nuclear primacy" - the ability to first strike both China's 400 odd nuclear weapons and Russia's 2,500 "on alert" weapons with minimal retaliation against American targets - i.e., maybe only a hundred U download British Policy towards Greece during the Second World War 1941-1944 (LSE Monographs in International Studies) pdf. We attend many of the major militaria shows in the UK where we would be more than happy to acquire single items or collections similar to those on the site. * Collections with an asterisk are not searchable. Guatemala Native Realizes Life's Dream as Member of U The Politics of Grand Strategy: Britain and France Prepare for War, 1904-1914. For more examples from some of the collection, please see our series of blog posts at The National Archives’ blog. Further information on other related material available through our catalogue, Discovery, can be found by using our research guide on conscientious objectors and those exempt from military service Demobilization: Our Industrial and Military Demobilization After the Armistice, 1918-1920. This in turn boosted Hitler’s popularity. Communism, fascism, and new liberation movements opposed to European imperialism severely challenged the liberal ideologies of Europe and the United States. French, British, or Japanese forces seized German colonies in the Pacific and Africa. The dangers of this system became apparent when Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in June 1914. change or alter in form, appearance, or nature The war also transformed the lives of many women, who had to manage all aspects of domestic life when men were away and who took over men’s jobs in munitions factories and other branches of production The Great war 1914-18.

Download British Policy towards Greece during the Second World War 1941-1944 (LSE Monographs in International Studies) pdf

The powerful surprise attack quickly overwhelmed the Panamanian defense forces and resulted in the capture of its leader, Manuel Noriega The New International Encyclopædia, Volume 8.... Written content, illustrations and photography is unique to this website (unless where indicated) and NOT FOR REUSE in any form In The Hands Of The Huns: Being The Reminiscences Of A British Civil Prisoner Of War 1914-1915. This Western commitment to rebuilding stood in contrast to previous post-World War I demands, which had led to economic and social instability in Central Power countries and support for stronger facist governments The Missing of the Somme. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn't have to draft me, I'd join tomorrow Contemptible: A Personal Recollection of the 'Retreat from Mons' by a British Infantry Officer. The ending of the Cold War has had profound effects upon the philosophy of, and approach to military logistics. The long held approach of stock-piling of weapons, ammunition and vehicles, at various strategic sites around the expected theatre of operations and in close proximity to the lines of communications was possible when the threat and its axes of attack were known Politics of War: The Story of Two Wars Which Altered Forever the Political Life of the American Republic.

The Engineers and the Price System (1921)

30 DIVISION Divisional Troops South Wales Borderers 6th Battalion : 1 June 1918 - 30 June 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2323/4)

Testament of Youth

52 DIVISION Headquarters, Branches and Services Royal Army Medical Corps Assistant Director Medical Services : 1 April 1918 - 30 June 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2891/1)

Therefore, William's coronation as King of England had nothing whatsoever to do with the French. As usual, they were nowhere near the place when the fighting was going on Jutland: The Naval Staff Appreciation. Added 6 years ago by shazy, -16 points Ok Shazy, I respect your opinion. Please understand how many friends in the U. Military that I've lost to Muslim terrorists. There was a couple of times that I barely avoided death myself. I have hard feelings to overcome, but they were not of my own making Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives. The Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944 became known as “the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot” because U. Navy pilots shot down nearly 300 Japanese planes in a 12-to-1 loss ratio, and three Japanese carriers were sunk. During October 23–26, the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, better known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf, was fought between Japanese naval and air forces and those of Australia and the US. is considered the largest naval battle of the Second World War and possibly the largest in history 6 DIVISION Headquarters, Branches and Services General Staff : 3 August 1914 - 31 December 1915 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1581). Dating back to the Revolutionary War, many of the original militias began in the colonies for a purpose. The Civil War and subsequent military campaigns and hostilities, justified the creation of specialized units. World War I brought back those units, long ago deactivated, to continue the lineage of their famous counterparts and further distinguish themselves on the battlefield 59 Division 177 Infantry Brigade Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry) 11th Battalion: 6 March 1918 - 31 August 1919 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/3023/6). The Swedish Press Council issued warnings, both public and confidential, to those whom it considered to be abusing the freedom of the press.[ citation needed ] The Swedish government was concerned that its neutrality might be compromised should the press become too vocal in its opinions. Both the Swedish Press Council and the Information Board issued advice such as: "As far as the received material permits, attempts should be made not to give prominence to the reports of one side at the expense of the other", or: "Headlines, whether on the billboards or in the newspapers, should be worded in such a way as to avoid favoring one side or the other", and: "Editorials and surveys as well as articles discussing military events or the military situation, should be strictly objective."

The Log of a Cowboy A Narrative of the Old Trail Days

My war experiences in two continents

34 Division 102 Infantry Brigade Herefordshire Regiment 1/1st Battalion: 1 June 1918 - 30 April 1919 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2462/3)

Development of Tactics: World War I

3 CAVALRY DIVISION Headquarters, Branches and Services Royal Army Veterinary Corps Assistant Director Veterinary Services : 23 November 1915 - 30 April 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1145/3)

Chemical Soldiers: British Gas Warfare in World War I (Modern War Studies)

In the Ypres Salient (illustrated edition)

Zimmermann Telegram

32 Division Divisional Troops 164 Brigade Royal Field Artillery: 29 December 1915 - 1 September 1916 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2380/5)

The First World War Roll of Honour: Volume Six: August - September 1916 (Volume 6)

Full Circle

Mr. Poilu: Notes and Sketches With the Fighting French

The Division remained on occupation duty in Germany until it was deactivated on May 22, 1946. 20 December 1944: Attached, with the entire First Army, to the British 21st Army Group. 22 December 1944: XIX Corps, Ninth Army (attached to the British 21st Army Group), 12th Army Group Till the Boys Come Home: The Picture Postcards of the First World War. The Holocaust was an attrocity that should never happen again. Added 6 years ago by shazy, 4 points Israel would stop killing Muslims today if the Muslims would stop trying to initiate another Holocaust on the Jews. It is HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, IRAN, AND THE OTHER RADICAL NATIONS AND TERRORISTS, that keep dragging this crap out Sister Janet: Nurse and Heroine of the Anglo-Zulu War 1879. WAVES stood for: 'Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service' and they were part of the US Navy during WW2. Although many have claimed to see a Compax 'Paratrooper' bicycle in the back of the Jeep on the right, the springer type front forks clearly indicate it is not a Columbia Compax The British Army 1914-1918. These are the people to whom we have entrusted our fate. Is it any wonder that America is failing at home and world-wide?" "Money laundering is simply everywhere. On the grand scale, it's endemic to banking... Money laundering is not some distant fantasy. It's actually how you handle the profits of extortion, tax evasion, criminal conspiracy and huge quantities of drug money, how you get that into the white sector.. 2 CAVALRY DIVISION Divisional Troops Royal Army Service Corps 2 Cavalry Division Auxiliary Horse Transport (575 Company A.S.C.) : 9 June 1915 - 23 June 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1128/2). Another reason for the drop in strength was passage of what was commonly called the "P-38 Law" that exempted soldiers over the age of 38 from having to serve in combat or the military. Many of the Filipinos chose to leave the service and returned to work on the farms where they were badly needed or sought opportunities in the defense industries. Because of the acute shortage of skilled farm labor, California, like Hawaii, was able to restrict the number of Filipinos permitted to join the military From Montreal to Vimy Ridge and Beyond; the Correspondence of Lieut. Clifford Almon Wells, B.A., of the 8th Battalion, Canadians, B. E. F., November, 1915-April, 1917. Some examples of these papers are available below. Additionally, many of the case papers have surviving evidence attached to them. These range from letters, medical certificates or statements and religious pamphlets to business information A Short History of the Twentieth Century. It measures 1-1/2 inches wide by 2-1/8 inches. This is a very well-made WWII RONSON Brand steel case lighter with matte black crackle airborne paratrooper subdued finish British Policy towards Greece during the Second World War 1941-1944 (LSE Monographs in International Studies) online. Just over half of all military electronics used in the war came from 60 local plants. Although Chicagoans frequently worked double shifts to aid the effort, such production levels created labor shortages that brought the physically disabled, the elderly, and tens of thousands of women into the workplace The Clyde at War. In order to uphold the treaty and to protect American interests in the region, U The spirit of Lafayette. United States Army and Navy Hats and Caps, Rank, Insignia Source: The Chicago Daily News War Book for American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Copyrighted 1918 by The Chicago Daily News Company 35 DIVISION 106 Infantry Brigade Highland Light Infantry 12th (Service) Battn : 1 February 1918 - 29 April 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2490/1). As he tells it, officers at the military cartographic factories in Latvia were instructed to destroy or recycle all the maps as the Soviet Union dissolved in the early ’90s. “But some clever officers found our company,” he says. An offer was made, a deal was struck, and Beldavs estimates the shop acquired enough maps to fill 13 rail cars. At first they didn’t have enough space to store them all 25 DIVISION Headquarters, Branches and Services Commander Royal Artillery : 1 January 1917 - 25 February 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2230).