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Called the New Age Movement, it incorporates the basic teachings of all the major non-biblical religions, the central political philosophies of governments which deny freedom of conscience, and the humanistic and evolutionist philosophies of science and technology. Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What is important is that each individual embarks on their own journey of learning, adventure, and discovery.

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Doctor from Lhasa

A Course in Miracles-Original Edition


The quest for a universal consciousness, the goal of harmony with nature, the vision of a transformed world, and the practice of channeling, all of which have become hallmarks of the New Age Movement, were present at Findhorn from its foundation. The success of this community led to its becoming a model for, and/or an inspiration to, other groups, such as Alternatives in London, Esalen in Big Sur, California, and the Open Center and Omega Institute in New York�. ( 106 ) Monte Verit�: a utopian community near Ascona in Switzerland The Moulding of a Life. That's why I've dumped the term Christian very quickly. " NARR: Warwick Saxby is a Church of Christ Pastor who unlike so many before him, has engaged in a 2 year dialogue in the heartland of the New Age. " The common threads within people's spirituality around here basically is the eclecticism that you see. People pick and choose what it is they want to believe. They take it from all the different spiritual threads and traditions and they combine it as they see fit The New International Year Book: A Compendium of the World's Progress for the year 1938. Ezrael's Haven - Channelings from various ascended masters and angels. Includes new age messages channeled material and articles regarding the masters, celestial beings, new age lightworkers, and channeled material indigo children Beings: A Journey to Joy. It is also linked to Jung's espousal of the theory of correspondence and his rejection of causality. Individuals are fragmentary representations of the planetary hologram; by looking within one not only knows the universe, but also changes it The Psychic Mafia. In many ways the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s, through it's use of psychedelic drugs, became heavily involved with new age spiritual thought. The tone of religious and spiritual experimentation of the times contributed heavily to people's openness to trying new approaches to God and spirituality Soul Journeys.

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Some occult adepts point to the apparitions that recur in Medjugorje in Bosnia as a typical example. Like the other “ascended masters,” the "Mary" who appears there preaches world peace and toleration of all religions. She also transmits lengthy messages repeatedly punctuated with the kind of robotic phrase common to “masters”: “Thank you for responding to my call... thank you for responding to my call, etc.” Respectable and influential figures are now avidly endorsing contact with such spirits Becoming Clairvoyant: Develop your psychic abilities to see into the future. No copyrighted material may be reproduced, stored for retrieval, or transmitted in any other form or by any other means without the prior written permission of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© and its agents. All rights reserved. *** Rachel and Kate will be sharing their insight and wisdom to working with the Powerful Energy of our moon. Be sure to listen in to learn how you can harness and manage the full moon's energy Resonance - Manifesting Your Heart's Desire!

Dead As I'll Ever Be: Psychic Adventures That Changed My LIfe

The Amazing Power of Animals

Channeling and revelations

If you're at a point in your life where you're ready to turn inward and take a step towards spirituality, this is the place to start. They've got books from just about every author you'd hope to study, and they've got all the goods to help you relax and reach a perfect meditative state The Hindu Yogi Science Of Breath (annotated): William Walker Atkinson Mini Biography Edition. One difference this author has observed is that the spiritualist movement focused on seances (dim lights, formal invocations, etc.) and supernatural manifestations -- table lifting, "direct voice" phenomena, ectoplasm, materialized writing or faces, etc. By contrast, today's channelers do everything under bright lights, usually on stage, and the only visible event is when an alien personality takes them over Smiling Angels Two: Two. Comments (15) I wanted to make sure you all knew about WAPF's Wise Traditions Conference coming up in November. It will be in Montgomery, Alabama, 11/11 - 11/14. There will be an all-day Vaccination Track on Sunday, 11/13 The Call of Isis. People don't seem to want to hear what God has to say, they want information and direction from someone else who "knows"; a psychic, a channeler, a palm-reader, a card-reader, Ouija boards, astrology, magic charming, automatic writing, or the spirit of a dead friend of relative. In a sense these are God-given desire, but they are intended to be fulfilled by the knowledge and power which comes from God Soul Wisdom, Volume Two. It might surprise you the way it really is Life After Suicide. Twitchell plagiarised all of his teachings from a variety of sources, mainly the Radhasoami and Sant Mat paths of Northern India, while repeatedly asserting that they were completely original and that he had been ‘chosen’ to reveal them The Clairvoyant's Handbook - A Practical Guide to Mediumship. James "the Amazing Randi," the magician who has debunked various faith healers and parapsychologists, summarily dismisses channels as "actors," while there is no doubt about LaGard Smith's view of channeler Ryerson: "Kevin's act is simply one of the best road shows in America."

Mystery of the Universes: A Prophecy Fulfilled

A Course in Miracles: Original Edition

Naked Soul: Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships

The History of Spiritualism


Spirit Rescue: A Simple Guide to Talking with Ghosts and Freeing Earthbound Souls

Angels in My Hair

Through My Eyes

Chasing Angels: The Definitive Guide to the Spirit Realm, the Laws That Govern the Universe

The Early Sessions - Book 9 of the Seth Material (Book 9)

"I'm Always Here": The Continuation of Love from the Other Side

Live and Grow Young

You don’t need to possess psychic abilities to connect with spirit The Seon Way to Enlightenment. Ruth Montgomery relayed from her "Guides" the warning that a nuclear World War III would take place in 1987, unless enlightened humanity banded together to "send forth the energies toward peace." They gloomily predicted, however, that this war was "unlikely to be averted." (_Strangers..._ p.191) "Were there millions of Walk-ins working in unison, that catastrophe could perhaps be prevented, but in this present age of prosperity how many luxury lovers are likely to say to a disincarnate, 'Take my place.'" (p.53-54) [Here, compared to only 10 pages earlier, we see an abrupt switch from the compassionate offer to relieve discouraged individuals of their burdensome lives, to a guilt-trip laid on those who are not discouraged, castigating them as "luxury lovers" for not sacrificing their bodily rights for the Cause.] The "Guides" also predicted that the then-President Jimmy Carter would be succeeded by another Democratic president who would try to right things, "but this will come too late, as war will already have broken out." (p.195) Although there was still no mass recruitment for the homeless walk-ins, 1987 came and went without World War III, and the White House did not see another Democratic president for the next three terms. [Perhaps this statement was not meant to be a prediction, but rather an attempt to instruct enlightened voters in America Approaching Love. These atheistic idealists have tried to conceal the ultimate hopelessness of their world-view by stealing some of the terminology and trappings of biblical faith. They speak, for example, of the "rights" of man and of the "purpose" of life. But modern people are becoming increasingly conscious of the shallowness and emptiness of these philosophies Living with Poltergeists (A genuine account of Spiritual activity affecting my home): Book 1 - Poltergeist Diary and help; Book 2 - Tips & advice; Book ... can happen and how to protect yourself). Her efforts to educate about the matter is exemplary and unique. So she travels Scandinavia frequently and is as an author of different scandinavian bestsellers a regular guest in TV and talkshows.) One physical séance with a table-setting and two classical physical cabinet-séances were to be held Man Power God Power. Del Bigtree is speaking at 2 on Saturday and Mark Blaxill is speaking at 11 on Sunday The Story of The Mikado. Genuine dialogue, on the other hand, will always respect diversity from the outset, and will never seek to blur distinctions in a fusion of all religious traditions. *Some local New Age groups refer to their meetings as �prayer groups�. Those people who are invited to such groups need to look for the marks of genuine Christian spirituality, and to be wary if there is any sort of initiation ceremony Life After Suicide. So he can manage to speak �for the entire evening without once mentioning Jesus � a testament to his savvy message-tailoring�. �Similarly, Warren has leveraged his fame to bring attention to AIDS in Africa and other global problems. He said he�d just come from a photo shoot at Sony Studios with Brad Pitt and was about to meet overseas with the leaders of 11 countries in 37 days The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding for the Great Shift and Beyond. It is supposed to bring in peace and enlightenment and reunite man with God. Man is presently considered separated from God not because of sin (Isaiah 59:2), but because of lack of understanding and knowledge concerning the true nature of God and reality Life Eternal.