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Native Americans, on the other hand, were classified based on a certain percentage of Indian blood. Fellows will also receive funding to attend research conferences throughout the year. Production: The act of making goods or services through the combination of labour power and means of production. [23] [24] Individuals engage in the economy as consumers, labourers, and investors, providing both money and labour power. In the words of its main architect, Albert Bandura, "Social learning theory approaches the explanation of human behavior in terms of a continuous reciprocal interaction between cognitive, behavioral, and environmental determinants" (Social Learning Theory, 1977).

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Domestic Violence Case Processing: A Serious Crime or a Waste of Precious Time? (Law and Society) (Law and Society (Hardcover))

Globalization, Self-Determination and Violent Conflict (St Antony's)

Mass Hate: The Global Rise Of Genocide And Terror

Sudan: Race, Religion, and Violence (Short Histories)

In the various traditions of spiritual inquiry examined, we can note a certain tension between those who claim that con- templation or questioning can reach determinate "answers," articulable in lan- guage, and those who claim that no methods can produce and no language can adequately express the core spiritual understanding; for the latter, in an important sense, there are no answers (Fenner, 1994) Violence and Nonviolence: An Introduction (Studies in Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy). Early Modern Conversions is a five-year, international, interdisciplinary project (2013-2018) that studies how early modern Europeans changed their confessional, social, political, and even sexual identities download Disentangling: Conflict Discourse in Pacific Societies pdf. Review of applications will begin on March 31, 2015, and continue until the position is filled Redressing Institutional Abuse of Children. This award allows the Center to serve as the gateway for emerging scholars seeking to begin a new academic life in North America Voices from S-21: Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison: 1st (First) Edition. There are two general types of social control: formal social control refers to components of society that are designed for the resocialization of individuals who break formal rules; examples would include prisons and mental health institutions informal social control refers to elements of society that are designed to reinforce informal cultural norms; examples might include parental reminders to children not to pick their nose Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia. These explanations of intimate violence are based on the inclusive fitness theory which postulates that individuals will behave in ways to increase the probability that their genes will be transmitted to future generations Gender, Violence, and Human Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives. We discover that vividness and multiplicity of senses, not unlike the synesthete's, are described in consciousness altering practices of some indigenous religious rituals, psychedelic drug ex- perimentation, meditative traditions and transpersonal experiences in which perception is cultivated over language and interpretation Thugs and Thieves: The Differential Etiology of Violence.

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Changing attitudes and values about sex, drugs, aging and politics are explored in regard to different stages of adult development. Normal and abnormal psychological development during adulthood and old age. Emphasis on dynamics of the life cycle; theories of the mature personality; forces affecting continuing growth of the adult personality and intellect; biological, social and cultural determinants of aging; and influence of normal and abnormal aging processes on perception, psychomotor skills, learning, intelligence, and personality Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom. The Law and Social Science Program continues to solicit proposals that take account of the growing interdependence and interconnections of the world Betrayal and Betrayers: The Sociology of Treachery. Member Stefan Groesser Appointed Visiting Professor at Heilbronn University Graduate School, Germany Member Stefan Groesser has been appointed as a visiting Professor at Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS), starting September 2016. At the HUGS, he will be lecturing on research methods and research designs. Stefan is currently a professor of Strategic Management and Organization at the Bern University of Applied Sciences and a senior lecturer at the Institute of Management, University of St Disentangling: Conflict Discourse in Pacific Societies online.

The Tokens of Esteem: An Essay in Ritual Inhumanity

Originally proposed by Gustave LeBon (1896), contagion theory proposes that crowds exert a hypnotic influence on their members Gender and Conflict: Embodiments, Discourses and Symbolic Practices (Gender in a Global/Local World). Let's go back to the first card again, the atmosphere around the problem. Remember I said the man in the Three of Rods seemed to be on a threshold which he was hesitant to cross, and ahead of him was that blank sky that suggested meaninglessness. Ohhh, I see something that really ties him to that businessman in the third card who was working too hard On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies (Rhetoric, Politics and Society). Hori- zontal equity problems of a graduated rate income tax include: 1 Revolutionary Currents: Nation Building in the Transatlantic World. Second, the division of labor itself, by saving time otherwise wasted in passing from one function to another, increases the efficiency of the individual worker. Third, functional activity grows with the talent and competence of the individual worker, and both are naturally increased by the repetition of similar tasks. And finally, as labor becomes divided, work becomes a permanent occupation, then a habit, and ultimately a need -- a progression which increases the functional activity of all workers subject to it Creativity and Humour in Occupy Movements: Intellectual Disobedience in Turkey and Beyond. Lack of diversity in the health care workforce. Cultural differences between predominantly white health care providers and minority patients is also often cited as a barrier to health care. Only 4% of physicians in the United States are African American; Hispanics represent just 5%. These percentages are much lower than these groups' respective proportions of the United States population Crescentologism: The Moon Theory. As a result, the definition is extremely broad and can encompass substantial elements of social life Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey: Fragmentations, Mobilizations, Participations & Repertoires (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics). Another way to think about this quirk of politics is to ask yourself: Would you follow the law if there were no repercussions to your behavior. While you may for other reasons (e.g., a Hobbesian social contract ), ultimately it is the threat of the legitimate use of violence that makes government authority compelling. In addition to there existing various legitimate means of holding power, there are a variety of forms of government Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory.

Reshaping the Future: Education and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Pathways Out of Terrorism and Insurgency: The Dynamics of Terrorist Violence and Peace Processes in Divided Societies

Interpersonal Conflict By Wilmot & Hocker (7th, Seventh Edition)

Summary of Tribe: By Sebastian Junger - Includes Analysis

Managing Interpersonal Conflict: Advances through Meta-Analysis (Routledge Communication Series)

Hindu Nationalism in India and the Politics of Fear

Gravity and Mind

Violence and its Causes (Insights)

Why men fight: a method of abolishing the international duel

Columbine: A True Crime Story

Violence in Nigeria (Crisis of Religious Politics and Secular Ideologies)

Origins of Political Extremism: Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century and Beyond


Mary Turner and the Memory of Lynching

Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics)

Darkest Hours

The Turning Away: how are feelings, indifference, and attitudes are killing people

When I was a big girl, my professor said to me "What do you know?" "Lots." I said.. "Well, tell it to me ?" she said. "I can't." I replied. "Why not?" she asked "Because I don't know how to tell you what I know I know." I replied.. "Then," she said, "I'll assume you don't know." "Ah, but 1 do know." Area and Ethnic Studies Art and Architecture Creative Writing Education Film, Theater, and Performing Arts History Language and Linguistics Library Science and Publishing Literature Medicine and Health Music Philosophy Religion Science, Technology, and Mathematics Social Sciences Studies by Time Period Women's Studies, Gender, and Sexuality Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content; since 1995, its electronic journal collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan: The Case of Aum Shinrikyo. The teaching load is three courses per semester in small classes of approximately fifteen. Additional duties include active participation in pedagogy discussions as scheduled by the Director Assaults in Bars 2nd Edition (Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Book 1). As gamers developed in society, they need something that got their attention, hence the more violent games Roads to Reconciliation: Conflict and Dialogue in the Twenty-first Century. When our mind is compassionate, it is boundless, (p. 22) 127 Transpersonal Psychotherapy: The Clinical Importance of Beginner's Mind and Compassion From this quotation, it is clear that beginner's mind advocates an approach quite different from usual western notions about living, particularly the ideas of "no thought of achievement" and "no thought of self." What factors do you think led you to getting the job and what factors affected the salary that you received Guns, Violence, And Identity Among African American And Latino Youth (Criminal Justice)? SSRN also offers a range of high-visibility Advertising Opportunities for companies seeking to market their products to professionals in the social science or law areas Why We Fight: Practices for Lasting Peace. If deprivation is claimed to be the cause but the only evidence for such is the movement, the reasoning is circular. [9] Mass-Society Theory argues that social movements are made up of individuals in large societies who feel insignificant or socially detached. Social movements, according to this theory, provide a sense of empowerment and belonging that the movement members would otherwise not have. [10] Very little support has been found for this theory The Daughters of Juarez: A True Story of Serial Murder South of the Border. Policymakers and advocates often assume that a social program that is effective in one setting will automatically produce the same results in other settings Armed Actors. Fellows are expected to reside near the University of Pennsylvania’s campus during the academic year and should participate fully in the intellectual life of SP2 and the University Violence and Its Alternatives: An Interdisciplinary Reader. His work, however, demonstrated the rare instances when IP laws could also be used to promote the interest of local communities. But to be able to bridge the wide world that exists between abstract legal principles and local realities requires more than a sharp legal and analytical outlook, it also requires an ethnographic sensibility which is sensitive to the dynamics of the global, national and the local and this is precisely what Dwijen’s work brought to bear on IP scholarship in India Giving Through Teaching: How Nurse Educators Are Changing the World.