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We help to develop renewable energy policies and projects to reduce harmful emissions and to assist communities in their transition away from coal. No new information will be presented during the webinar. **UPDATE -- Below is the link to the recording of the informational webinar: DE-FOA-0001525: Notice of Intent to issue FOA Next Generation of Electric Machines: Enabling Technologies (DE-FOA-0001467) The purpose of this Notice of Intent (NOI) is to provide potential applicants advance notice that the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), on behalf of the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), intends to issue a FOA titled "Next Generation of Electric Machines: Enabling Technologies" (DE-FOA-0001467).

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Publisher: US Independent Agencies and Commissions (September 15, 2008)

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Danger Above: A Tragic Death, An Epic Courtroom Battle

Oil and Socioeconomic Crisis in Nigeria: A Regional Perspective to the Nigerian Disease and the Rural Sector

Voice of the Marketplace: A History of the National Petroleum Council (Kenneth E. Montague Series in Oil and Business History)

The market for natural gas is slowly expanding and the LNG trade is anticipated to grow at a rapid rate owing to increased natural gas production Some Notes on the Coal Industry in Hamilton. Thus the net effect of the export ban was to reduce domestic oil producer profits and increase some U. The end of the export ban enacted in the December 2015 omnibus budget agreement has reversed those effects. Like oil producers, coal producers have had various reasons to dislike open markets, and have often called for federal regulations Deregulation of Network Industries: What's Next?. One of the areas it was easiest to find was where it appeared as one of many layers of materials along the side of a hill Nuclear Power: A Rational Approach. The Pike River mine explosion in New Zealand was one of the several catastrophic accidents, which highlighted the industrial safety more prominently in the public consciousness and spurred demand for both safety systems and safety instrumentation like toxic and combustible gas detectors. Though the economic conditions are adverse as of now, the gas production companies cannot afford to comprise on safety Intelligent Information Systems and Knowledge Management for Energy: Applications for Decision Support, Usage, and Environmental Protection. Industrial consumers are responsible for about 33 percent of coal consumption worldwide, while the electricity sector uses about 62 percent Final Voyage: A Story of Arctic Disaster and One Fateful Whaling Season. And they're using Cisco intelligent networks to get there. We provide a secure, scalable foundation that enables energy companies to easily connect with their ecosystems and tie production to demand with immediacy. With our solutions, utility grids can help enable reliable, efficient service Azerbaijan and the New Energy Geopolitics of Southeastern Europe. California also has natural gas, mostly in the northern Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento Delta. In that region, a sediment filled trough formed aside an ancient convergent margin. Organic material buried in the sediments hardened to become a shale formation that is the source of the gas. Because it is a mixture of different chemicals, natural gas must be processed before it can be used as a fuel Rudimentary Treatise On the Power of Water: As Applied to Drive Flour Mills, and to Give Motion to Turbines and Other Hydrostatic Engines. with ... an Apx. On Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps.

Download Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Annual Report 2007 pdf

We analyze how oil & gas companies and oil field service companies are using intelligent technologies to explore for new resources, increase production and manage environment, health and safety risks Biomass in the Energy Industry: An Introduction. Tanager sells its production to a variety of refineries and marketers within the North American commodity market. Tanager is publicly traded and listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "TAN" Energy Developments in the Middle East. Initiated in 2009, the IHS Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue has been bringing together a broad set of stakeholders and provides an independent, objective platform for discussing and delivering balanced information on development tradeoffs, limitations and opportunities. While membership in the forum offers a direct opportunity to learn and participate in the dialogue surrounding the oil sands, it also helps support public research for download New and Renewable Technologies for Sustainable Development. Explore careers in Energy with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required The New Kings of Crude: China, India, and the Global Struggle for Oil in Sudan and South Sudan.

Tales from the Derrick Floor: A People's History of the Oil Industry

Labor-environmental Coalitions: Lessons from a Louisiana Petrochemical Region (Work, Health, and Environment Series)

The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity, and the Battle for America's Future

Operating in the Cooper Basin, Australia’s premier onshore oil and gas province Highly profitable Western Flank oil production, with a clear strategy to become a meaningful supplier of gas and gas liquids We started as a small fuel oil company in 1945. In the early 1980s, we extended our service to heating and air conditioning. In the mid 1990s, we added plumbing expertise The petroleum secretary's handbook. Underground Coal Gasification Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023 The coal production has been increasing from the past few decades and is expected to grow in the future. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts the growth of coal consumption by 3.9% in 2014 as compared to 2013. The majority of the coal reserves of the world are located at a greater depth to be mined using the traditional technologies Agrofuels: Big Profits, Ruined Lives and Ecological Destruction (Transnational Institute). Fuel is typically cooled at least 5 years in the pool before transfer to cask. NRC has authorized transfer as early as 3 years; the industry norm is about 10 years. … As of November 2010, there were 63 “independent spent fuel storage installations” (or ISFSIs) licensed to operate at 57 sites in 33 states. … Over 1400 casks are stored in these independent facilities. … There are currently 10 decommissioned nuclear power reactors at 9 sites with no other nuclear operations Oil and Gas Resources in China: A Roadmap to 2050. Earl, at the trend rates of US extraction of oil and gas, reserves, consumption, and exports since 2008, by no later than 2017-19, the US will have extracted 50% or more of proved profitably recoverable reserves, setting us up for permanent depletion per capita, falling net exergetic flows per capita, and the risk of outsized contraction of real GDP per capita, including local shortages of gasoline and eventually consumer goods Fundamentals of the Petroleum Industry.

Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success

Taking Control of Oil: Managing Dependence on Petroleum Fuels in the Pacific (Pacific Studies)

Optimization Methods for Gas and Power Markets: Theory and Cases (Applied Quantitative Finance)

Fuel Resources (First Book)

International Petroleum Encyclopedia 1989

Water-Power, an Outline of the Development and Application of the Energy of Flowing Water

Biofuel Support Policies: An Economic Assessment

Peeking at Peak Oil (Hardback) - Common

Shale Oil and Gas: The Promise and the Peril, Revised and Updated Second Edition

Understanding the Paradoxes in China's Energy Efficiency Trends: Comparative Energy Analysis in the Global and National Context. With a foreword by ... Hultman (Ecological Energy Policy) (Volume 3)

Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures and Options:2nd (Second) edition

The Telecommunications Act of 1996: The "Costs" of Managed Competition (Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy)

The Power of Water

Liquified petroleum gas tanker practice

Hacia El Futuro: Energy, Economics, and the Environment in 21st Century Mexico (Advances in Global Change Research,)

Greening of Capitalism: How Asia Is Driving the Next Great Transformation

The Driving Forces of Change in Environmental Indicators: An Analysis Based on Divisia Index Decomposition Techniques (Lecture Notes in Energy)

International Petroleum Research Directory 1995

Global Energy: Issues, Potentials, and Policy Implications

The Energy Industry and Global Warming: New Roles for International Aid

Energy Technology Roadmaps of Japan: Future Energy Systems Based on Feasible Technologies Beyond 2030

With the end of the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union began dismantling thousands of nuclear weapons which has resulted in a surplus of highly enriched uranium and plutonium. To dispose of this surplus and protect against it falling into the wrong hands, the U. S. has plans to mix the plutonium with uranium to make mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for power reactors Singapore, the Energy Economy: From The First Refinery To The End Of Cheap Oil, 1960-2010 (Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy). Set up in 1920, the Phosphates Cherifian Office (OCP) is in charge of producing, cleaning, drying, and enriching phosphate products. Morocco is also the top silver producer in Africa and 14th worldwide; the top lead producer in Africa and 11th worldwide; the second largest zinc producer in Africa and 16th worldwide; and the fourth largest barium producer worldwide. It produces various other minerals, such as gold, silver, cobalt, fluorine, salt, manganese, etc Energy in the Caspian Region: Present and Future. Escalating marine fuel oil prices and strict environmental norms has lead to the need for efficient marine fuel management Demand-Side Management: Concepts and Methods. The government has paid great concern to the geological and mining sector where extensive studies were carried out in different parts of the country with the objective of assessment and attraction of many local and international companies for investment in this field Informing Energy and Climate Policies Using Energy Systems Models: Insights from Scenario Analysis Increasing the Evidence Base (Lecture Notes in Energy). As some of the world’s biggest oil companies pull back from Asia, they’re paving the way for local rivals to take a bigger role. BP has shut down its Clair platform in the North Sea after an oil leak Sunday morning, the company said in an email. Many analysts say a proposed reduction in oil production isn’t big enough, nor will it happen quickly enough, to address a global supply glut Soil Not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity. Natural gas is already a critical part of America’s energy portfolio and consequently a critical part of the country’s economic growth. Not only does natural gas provide over 25 percent of electricity generation, natural gas, and other gases extracted from natural gas provide a feedstock for fertilizers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, waste treatment, food processing, fueling industrial boilers, and much more Global Electrification: Multinational Enterprise and International Finance in the History of Light and Power, 1878-2007 (Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise). They were then leased, possibly back to the same subsidiary. WMS was asked to advise on the customs valuation impact of such leased tools and equipment. WMS conducted a detailed review of the costs in the value chains of the oilfield service company. Based on our knowledge of all relevant legal provisions in the various countries of interest to the company, we determined the most appropriate dutiable values of the tools and equipment, and provided documentary support and strategies to defend the said value as being acceptable for customs valuation purposes if challenged UK Petroleum Concession and Fiscal Regime: Comparative Analysis of UK and Russia Petroleum Taxation Included (Oil and Gas Law Book 2). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), LCAs allow for: the estimation of the cumulative environmental impacts resulting from all stages in the product life cycle, often including impacts not considered in more traditional analyses (e.g., raw material extraction, material transportation, ultimate product disposal, etc.). By including the impacts throughout the product life cycle, LCA provides a comprehensive view of the environmental aspects of the product or process and a more accurate picture of the true environmental trade-offs in product and process selection. [68] [69] * Per a 2008 paper in Environmental Science & Technology: Indeed, all anthropogenic [manmade] means of generating energy, including solar electric, create pollutants when their entire life cycle is taken into account International Development Policy: Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies (International Development Policy) (Paperback) - Common.