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In Nuremberg it was supported by the above-mentioned Regiomontanus, the historians, Hartmann Schedel and Sigmund Meisterlein, and also by Willibald Pirkheimer (1470-1528), who had been educated in Italy, and was an indefatigable worker in the antiquarian and historical field. I by myself dont have much to offer and definitely will need others. Only this: to revere the Lord your God, to walk only in His paths, to love Him, and to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, keeping the Lord’s commandments and laws, which I enjoin upon you today …” (Deut. 10:12-13).

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Facing Death: Theme and Variations

Aristotle on Desire (Cambridge Classical Studies)

While emotions are important, we need not resort to the panaceas of salvation, to escape through illusion, or to some desperate leap toward passion and violence. We deplore the growth of intolerant sectarian creeds that foster hatred. In a world engulfed by obscurantism and irrationalism it is vital that the ideals of the secular city not be lost. (1980, 24) The Declaration got some worthwhile coverage on the front page of New York Times, but the article�s title �Secular Humanists Attack a Rise in Fundamentalism,� helped reinforce the perception of secular humanism�s negative bent Gargantua and Pantagruel. One might say philosophy is the blueprint, spiritual practice is the construction, a life well lived is the building, and flourishing is the home – and all of this is of what our spirituality consists From the Labyrinth of the World to the Paradise of the Heart: Science and Humanism in UNESCO's Approach to Globalization (Critical Media Studies: Institutions, Politics, and Culture). It evokes the gifts of love and service which, originating in God's grace, gradually trickle out to others and ultimately back to God through the vessel of a humble faithful heart. The Fountain is a composition from which our inner calling echoes, a reflection of what is not always visible to the eye, or a response to the yearning deep in the heart and mind which sometimes finds its definition best expressed in a poem, and at other times in a journey into outer space or through the veins of the human body Fact and Value in Emotion (Consciousness & Emotion Book Series). They are now seeking to achieve piecemeal what they could not accomplish before in one fell swoop with the Equal Rights Amendment. Feminism has nothing whatsoever to do with being �feminine,� that is, possessing qualities which are natural to womanhood. Since World War II, feminism has been a philosophy which, for all practical purposes, may be considered the same thing as the �Women�s Liberation Movement.� The largest and most influential feminist political organization is the �National Organization for Women� (NOW), founded in 1965 by Betty Friedan Self-Knowledge (Oxford Readings in Philosophy).

Download Humanity and Divinity in Renaissance and Reformation: Essays in Honor of Charles Trinkaus (Studies in the History of Christian Thought, Vol 51) (Sinica Leidensia) pdf

Of these human values, those involving the intellect of man received the greatest emphasis. Education and culture were measured by one’s elegance of style, eloquence, and knowledge of classical lore. The personal pride in individual acumen fostered the search for freedom from the restrictive control of the Church and temporal rulers The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after Freud. First, will the Humanist movement continue to support capitalism, an economic system which, as Wright reasonably argues, is an ecocidal form of “fragmented totalitarianism?” Second, what kind of relationship should the movement seek to have with Socialist Humanism, a distinct tradition that, to a degree, overlapped with mainstream Humanism during the latter decades of its class-conscious period Passions in William Ockham's Philosophical Psychology (Studies in the History of Philosophy of Mind)?

Hume's Philosophy of Human Nature (Routledge Revivals)

For 12 centuries after the abolition of the Sanhedrin and the office of the patriarch, the exilarch headed not only the Jewish community of Babylonia but also most other communities of the Diaspora The Soul Comes Back 1929. This belief lies at the heart of the transhumanist movement: "A common feature of transhumanism and philosophical posthumanism is the future vision of a new intelligent species, into which humanity will evolve, which will supplement humanity or supersede it." ( Wikipedia ) In fact, following this line of thinking, human beings have a moral imperative to take charge of their own evolutionary progress and expidite the process: "Transhumanist philosophers argue that there not only exists a perfectionist ethical imperative for humans to strive for progress and improvement of the human condition but that it is possible and desirable for humanity to enter a transhuman phase of existence, in which humans are in control of their own evolution Popper and the Human Sciences (Nijhoff International Philosophy Series). Behold! human beings in an underground den ... their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move ... they see only their own shadows or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave Quodlibetal Questions on Free Will (Basque (Paperback)). Spitz writes in his Luther and German Humanism that, “Most of the leading Italian humanists were financially well off, either members of wealthy families or through their positions as notaries and chancellors…” and goes on to add that, “Their social function was related to the rise of the bourgeoisie in the city-states, a class from which many leading humanists came.”5 Renaissance humanists of Germany, though they did receive patronage, were not as wealthy and could not afford a lifestyle that did not include work, “Most, even those who accorded themselves the lofty title of ‘poet’, had to work for a living.”6 Many humanists had distinguished careers as universities professors, doctors, lawyers or clergymen.7 Northern European cities were smaller than the great city-states of Italy, such as Florence, Venice and Milan The Vocation of Man (Hackett Classics).

The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are


Ethics and the Philosophy of Mind


Approaches to Intentionality

A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind

Theory and Practice: An Essay in Human Intentionalities (Jerusalem Van Leer Foundation)

The Game Of Life

Human Will: The Search for Its Physical Basis (Revisioning Philosophy)

The Conquest of America: The Question of the Other

Common to Body and Soul

The Meaning of Life

Reductionism and Cultural Being: A Philosophical Critique of Sociobiological Reductionism and Physicalist Scientific Unificationism (Nijhoff International Philosophy Series)

Experience and the Absolute: Disputed Questions on the Humanity of Man (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)

Viaje Sagrado: Vivir con Proposito y Morir sin Miedo

Ecology of Immortality

The Culture of Confession from Augustine to Foucault: A Genealogy of the 'Confessing Animal' (Studies in Philosophy)

The Future of Humanity: A Conversation

Life's Journey Into Despair and Failure: The Anti-Life Controlling and Destroying Us

Ethics in the 90's: Ethics in Journalism

Certainly the emphasis on inner feeling found later in the Romantic Movement received at least some of its inspiration and reinforcement from the religious thrust of the Protestant Reformation Emotions, Values, and the Law. Silo Speaks is an anthology of opinions, commentaries and speeches given by Silo between 1969 and 1995. The book starts with the first public explanation of New Humanism in a speech called The Healing of Suffering. It continues with a section that contains many explanations about themes such as: meaning in life, perception, voluntarism, the nature of human existence and religiosity Well-Being and Death. The Dead Sea Scrolls are believed to be the product of an Essene sect. Some scholars believe that early Christianity was influenced by the mystical and hermetical teachings of the Essenes. The Sadducees evolved out of the Hellenistic elements of Judaism. The movement was made up of the priests and the aristocrats of Jewish society. They were religiously conservative but socially liberal The Nature of Love: The Modern World (The Irving Singer Library Book 3). It is doubtless better to be a pragmatist than to devote one's self to embracing the cloud Junos of Hegelian metaphysics Awakening: An Introduction to the History of Eastern Thought. While no one tends to experience perfect congruence at all times, the relative degree of congruence is an indicator of health. Some researchers have tried to measure congruence by using a self-assessment technique called a Q-Sort. (If you are interested in exploring this, click here for a version of a Q-sort I've created.) The second fundamental idea is Rogers's concept of the conditions for healthy growth, and the role of a therapist in fostering healthy growth Wrestling with the Angel: Experiments in Symbolic Life (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture). If such a view is not to collapse into contradiction the notions of facticity and transcendence must be elucidated. Risking some oversimplification, they can be approached as the correlates of the two attitudes I can take toward myself: the attitude of third-person theoretical observer and the attitude of first-person practical agent Wittgenstein, Mind and Meaning: Towards a Social Conception of Mind. It is worth repeating: nobody has done more to build and support humanism outside the United States than Paul Kurtz. As the leading spokesman for planetary humanism, that seems to qualify as his most impressive achievement. Bill Cooke has written widely on the philosophy and history of humanism. He is the Director of Transnational Programs at the Center for Inquiry, based in Amherst, New York and a teacher of philosophy in the United Kingdom At Death's Door: What Are the Choices?. The Brights aspire to an egalitarian civic vision. We want citizens who have a naturalistic worldview to be accepted as full participants in civil society A "super" (noun) is a person whose worldview includes supernatural and/or mystical elements HEGEL'S Philosophy of Mind. Certainly, many people think that in what they are doing they commit no one but themselves to anything: and if you ask them, “What would happen if everyone did so?” they shrug their shoulders and reply, “Everyone does not do so.” But in truth, one ought always to ask oneself what would happen if everyone did as one is doing; nor can one escape from that disturbing thought except by a kind of self-deception Solitude: A Philosophical Encounter.