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Paul von Hindenburg (1847 – 1934) A Prussian general. Christian Democrat, José Napoleon Duarte, defeated extreme rightist Roberto D’Aubuisson for president in a carefully staged 1984 election, promising peace. On March 14th, rumours swept through the city that soldiers from the front were being sent in to put down the uprising. This secret relationship would become public when the two sides signed the Non-Aggression Pact on August 23, 1939, but until that time, Hitler and Stalin made much of their putative opposition to one another.

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Britain and the origins of the First World War (The Making of the 20th century)

Just about everybody who served in WWI was due a medal of some sort. As a result, British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 — put together to record what awards each soldier had earned — is the most complete list of Britain's heroes. If you find a relative received the Distinguished Conduct Medal, you can learn more about the courageous deeds that earned it for them in our separate DCM collection Letters and Papers of Algernon Hyde Villiers, With a Memoir Harry Graham. As it left office, the Carter administration suspended the belated economic assistance on the grounds that the Sandinistas were aiding leftist rebels in neighboring El Salvador. In 1981, the Reagan administration came to office determined to oust the Sandinistas 2 CAVALRY DIVISION Divisional Troops Signal Squadron Royal Engineers : 1 August 1915 - 30 April 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1123/7). Physician Dr Daniel Whistler and nurse Elizabeth Alkin establish a network of casualty reception stations for injured soldiers during the First Dutch War between the English and Dutch. During the conflict about 2,500 Englishmen are killed The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War I: An expert guide to the uniforms of Britain, France, Russia, America, Germany and Austro-Hungary with over 450 colour illustrations. The war had a greater effect on the external position of the Soviet Union than on its internal organization and structure. The Soviet Union became a dominant regional power and quickly thereafter an atomic superpower. The wartime alliance soon fell apart, but the Soviet Union soon replaced it with a network of compliant neighboring states in central and eastern Europe and remodeled them in its own image Sketches Of The East Africa Campaign. Stavridis shares vivid moments from recent military history to explain why security of the future should be built with bridges rather than walls." [title at TED site is "James Stavridis: A Navy Admiral's thoughts on global security"] On Military Theory (local copy), by Vego, in Joint Force Quarterly, 3rd quarter 2011 All too often, the critical importance of military theory either is not well understood or is completely ignored by many officers Seven Pillars of Wisdom [Illustrated]: Lawrence of Arabia's Firsthand Account of the Arab Revolt and Guerrilla Warfare in World War One. Born in southern France near the Spanish border, Foch served in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and remained in the army after the French defeat. He completed further studies, obtained a lieutenant’s commission and began to make a name for himself as a military strategist Historical Archives and the Historians' Commission to Investigate the Armenian Events of 1915.

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It is committed, both editorially and in its presentation of the news, to the interests of an Establishment: continuity, security and legitimacy Navy Boys Behind the Big Guns. In order to test the fire-causing weapons, crews at Dugway built replicas of German and Japanese villages, even going so far as to fill the model buildings with furniture that would be similar to that found in the respective country. Today, the remains of the German village are eligible to be included on the U. K. operation is situated on a tiny atoll about 1000 miles from India and tasked with providing logistical support to forces in Afghanistan and Iraq The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went To War In 1914 by Christopher Clark (Mar 11 2013). A subject word followed by a colon applies to subsequent citations until the next colon. A citation without identifier or subject word refers to a discussion relevant to the paragraph but not to any particular claim or quote in it Onward, Dear Boys: A Family Memoir of the Great War.

America's Race to Victory,

Stay safe. - Serena Martin, London, UK It has also been said on the Net that the only hope for the world is the Net, and specifically sites such as yours. You were specially mentioned... I forget where but you have influence. - Anthony Austin, author of Mother Shipton: The Missing Prophecies, England, UK. provides a rational, researched and documented, review of modern warfare and the events that led to the armed conflicts in the first place Suicide of the Empires: The Eastern Front 1914-18. Some critics claim that nominal GDP is a better measure of power, even using these figures to claim that even at 10% growth it will be decades before China surpasses the US The Great War through Picture Postcards. In contrast, the most recent data from the Congressional Research Service suggests that at best the United States ranks sixth in arms transfers to Africa for the period from 1995-1998, after China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.[6] Any assessment of the arms flow to Africa must take account of the substantial transfers of light weaponry that are carried out beyond normal government-to-government channels Life of Lord Kitchener: Volume 2. To ease the pressure against Verdun, the British army began an offensive along the Somme River along the western front Touring the Italian Front 1917 - 1919 (Battleground Europe). (1882 – 1945) – US President 1932 – 1945. It was Roosevelt who responded to Pearl Harbour by taking the US into the Second World War against Japan and Germany. (1890-1969) – Supreme Allied Commander for the D-Day Landings. Eisenhower oversaw the Allied coalition and was successful in keeping the coalition together The victory at sea. Some citizens were conscripted into the German forces and others escaped to volunteer for the Allies. According to the Mobile Reference travel Guide, 3,700 Luxembourgeois citizens served in the French armed forces and 2,800 gave their lives in the war Over the Front in an Aeroplane.

GUARDS DIVISION 2 Guards Brigade Grenadier Guards 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards 1 Battalion and Scots Guards 1 Battalion : 26 July 1915 - 31 January 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/1219)

British Generalship during the Great War: The Military Career of Sir Henry Horne (1861-1929) (Routledge Studies in First World War History)

27 DIVISION Divisional Troops Royal Army Medical Corps 83 Field Ambulance and 7 Sanitary Section : 27 December 1914 - 30 November 1915 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2259/3-4)

For Team and Country - Sport on the Frontlines of the Great War

Colonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change

58 Division Divisional Troops 290 Brigade Royal Field Artillery: 1 October 1915 - 11 February 1916 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2995/2)

The British Army 1914-18 (Men-at-Arms)

Names on a Cenotaph: Kootenay Lake Men in World War I

Belfast & The Great War

The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East

The Indian Corps in France: During the First World War

Cox's Navy: Salvaging the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow 1924-1931 (Paperback) - Common

The League had little independent power, however, and the punitive peace treaty of 1919 ensured that Germany and Austria would continue to nurse resentments. Despite crisis after crisis, Big Era Eight brought new creativity to science, the arts, popular culture, and political and social thought 51 DIVISION Headquarters, Branches and Services Commander Royal Engineers : 1 May 1915 - 28 March 1919 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2852). His grandmother christened the first ship. The second USS The Sullivans was christened by Al's granddaughter Kelly Ann Sullivan Loughren. Thomas and Alleta Sullivan toured the country raising war bonds and asked that none of their sons died in vain. However the grief overwhelmed Thomas and he died in 1947 a broken man. She was the girlfriend of Bill Ball whose death at Pearl Harbor prompted her brothers to join the Navy to avenge him 2 Division Headquarters, Branches and Services General Staff: 5 August 1914 - 31 December 1914 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/1283). As soon as the Germans reacted, under "Plan R 4", 18,000 Allied troops were to land in Narvik, closing the rail link to Sweden. Other cities that the Allies hoped to capture were Trondheim and Bergen Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916-17 (General Military). This week Russian authorities are conducting massive civil defense training involving 40 million people nationwide. The drill comes amid a spike in tensions between Russia and the US after the collapse of the two nations’ cooperation in Syria At Suvla Bay. Some view the program as no more than an insurance policy against U The War Service of the 1/4 Royal Berkshire Regiment (T. F.). He was a rural mail carrier for 26 years and was Postmaster of the Troy Post Office ten years 42 Division 126 Infantry Brigade Manchester Regiment 1/10th Battalion: 1 March 1917 - 4 April 1919 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2658/2). Over the Top: Our monthly full color, printable, paid subscription e-magazine produced in association with Military History Press gives fresh looks at the significant personalities and events of the war—both the well-known and forgotten. Click on the icon to download our brochure. All our back issues are available on CDs with many extra features. Royal Navy experts have destroyed a Second World War German mine - sending a plume of water nearly 1,000ft into the air 19 DIVISION Divisional Troops South Wales Borderers 5th Battalion Pioneers, Machine Gun Corps 19 Battalion and 246 Machine Gun Company : 14 July 1915 - ... 1918 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2071). General Francisco Franco, the Fascist military dictator of Spain (1939-1975) wisely managed to keep his country neutral. Spain was exhausted from a long civil war (1936-1939) in which Franco's side received massive military support from Hitler's Germany. Despite this support, Franco refused Hitler's request to join the war against Britain. Hitler then said he would "prefer to have 3 or 4 teeth extracted than suffer another meeting" with Franco 29 Division Headquarters, Branches and Services Commander Royal Engineers: 1 April 1916 - 31 October 1919 (First World War, War Diary, Wo95/2290/1). Stalin was repeatedly warned by his intelligence services, military advisors, and by Britain, that the Germans are also preparing a giant surprise attack against Russia, and was advised by Zhukov and the General Staff to start the planned Russian surprise attack earlier, in May 1941, instead of waiting to complete ALL the preparations, but Stalin, relying mostly on the verified fact that the German military was not ready for Russian winter conditions, dismissed the warnings and preferred to wait just a little more t complete the preparations for the Russian surprise attack, but that was a little too late, and Hitler struck first, not prepared for winter, but still at enormous power, with the world's most effective army then The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914.