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High Point University in North Carolina offers scholarships to students majoring in religion or theology who intend to pursue roles as professional ministers. What might theologies from Orthodox and Protestant scholars offer us? In addition, since part of the workload will be coordinating with the Dean of the School of Theology and Formation, and the various student services offices in Kentucky, skills in organizational administration will be deemed a valuable asset.

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Freedom and the Fifth Commandment: Catholic priests and political violence in Ireland, 191921

The King Is Coming

To Make the Earth Whole: The Art of Citizen Diplomacy in an Age of Religious Militancy

Reaching the Left from the Right: Talking About Social Issues with People Who Don't Think Like You

Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism

Religion, Social Memory and Conflict: The Massacre of Bojayá in Colombia (Palgrave Studies in Compromise after Conflict)

The online application only provides space to upload cover letter, CV, and writing sample). The previous poster has done what the admin person suggested I do. Hope this helps! [edited previous comment because the admin person wrote back and clarified--no research statement, just teaching philsophy!] The Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in the field of Islamic Studies to begin August 2016 Contesting the Nation: Religion, Community, and the Politics of Democracy in India (South Asia Seminar). From Lévy-Bruhl through Lévi-Strauss, and with important contributions from members of the evolutionary, psychoanalytic, and sociological schools as well, this line of exploration has persisted as a minor theme in anthropological studies of religion With God on All Sides: Leadership in a Devout and Diverse America. Topics include issues such as marriage, sexuality, war, and economics. Prerequisite: one 100- or 200-level Religious Studies course or consent of instructor. 380 Jesus. (3) A study of Jesus as pictured in the Gospels, history, and culture Evangelicals and Empire: Christian Alternatives to the Political Status Quo. These objects had no intrinsic value except as perceptible representations of the social identity of the individuals. Collective worship of consecrated bits of painted wood or stone created a moral community, a “church,” upon which rested the viability of the major social units The Religious Dimensions of Advertising (Religion/Culture/Critique). Aaron White; Unitarian Universalist Association, First Unitarian Church of Dallas; Dallas, TX Rev. Elaine White; Catholic; The Church for All People; Brooklyn, NY Reverend Robin K. White; Presbyterian Church USA, Faith Presbyterian Church (U The Old-Prussian Church and the Weimar Republic: A Study in Political Adjustment, 1917-1927. Pre-requisite: RELS 110 or RELS 152 or RELS 161. An introductory survey of post-biblical Judaism. Topics include rabbinic texts and the emergence of rabbinic Judaism, Jewish holidays and practices, contemporary Judaism, and the religious aspects of the nation of Israel The Tupac Amaru Rebellion.

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Seizing on this opening, Madison obligingly kicked him upstairs to the governorship. In that office, under the constitution of that day, he had virtually no influence with the legislature. The famed Hanover Presbytery, which had opposed a general tax, would cease to do so as long as the revenue was distributed fairly to all denominations. The Presbyterian clergy, Madison remarked acidly, were "as ready to set up an establishment which is to take them in as they were to pull down that which shut them out." The fundamentalist approach to politics can hurt a democratic system because of fundamentalists' unwillingness to compromise. Religious fundamentalists tend to take the view that 'God said it, so it will have to be this way.' Because anything short of God’s will is unacceptable, religious fundamentalists don't allow for a middle ground - which is a vital element of the democratic process. While widely associated with religious fundamentalism, suicide bombers are not exclusively religious; only 43% are identifiably religious. [28] Most suicide bombings are for strategic, political reasons, and usually involve a dispute over resources Iraq, Terror, and the Philippines' Will to War.

People Behind the Peace: Community and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

The Abuse of Evil: The Corruption of Politics and Religion since 9/11 (Themes for the 21st Century)

How to Win a Cosmic War: Confronting Radical Religions

The Next Great Awakening: And How to Be a Part of It

They should not be taken as definitive outside of this context. Many of our reasons for defining the parameters as we have done have to do with the availability of data. Other definitions and parameters may be more meaningful or useful in other situations. NOTE: The following material is not intended to provide descriptions or summaries of these religions. This material is only intended to describe the reasoning for listing groups as "major religions" and determining their general size. (To learn more about these faith groups, we suggest the links page, which will direct you to other web sites.): David B The Founding Fathers and the Debate over Religion in Revolutionary America: A History in Documents. This conversation must strive to include the myriad and various voices of the Catholic tradition, past and present, as well as the voices of teachers and students from all traditions. It is a particularly Catholic purpose to understand the differences among its voices clearly and distinctly, to celebrate these differences, to discern what these voices have in common, and to engage them in conversation with the Catholic tradition." Many educators respond that it is naive to teach only abstinence because many adolescents will inevitably engage in sexual behavior and they must learn how to protect themselves and others. The pragmatic middle ground has become "abstinence but": teach students abstinence but include something about condoms as well Nuggets by Day and Gems by Night: Thoughts and Insights from the Mind of Bishop Rudolph McKissick. Health and human service professionals can advance their career and address health disparities with cross cultural communication and spiritual assessment and care skills at interpersonal, organizational and structural levels Police Brutality. It had my name, but I took it to be a form letter sent to all the rejectees. Mine didn't have my name. (x2) Received an [email] invitation to interview (10/31, 11/1). (x3) Any ideas what no invitation to interview nor a rejection e-mail might indicate Iraq: Eastern Flank of the Arab World?

Religion and Politics in the South

The Fracture of Good Order: Christian Antiliberalism and the Challenge to American Politics

Hope in an Age of Terror

The Politics of Values: Games Political Strategists Play

Egypt's Turmoil A Matter of FAITH

A Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman's Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom: Annual Report 2013

Religion and Public Life in New England: Steady Habits Changing Slowly (Religion by Region)

Welcome to Doomsday (New York Review Collections)

The War Within: Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Threat to Democracy and the Nation

Faith in the New Millennium: The Future of Religion and American Politics

Religious Freedom in the World

REVELATION WWW. IS 666: A True Story

Religion and Modernity in the Himalaya (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series)

The Politics of Evangelical Identity: Local Churches and Partisan Divides in the United States and Canada

Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Asia (Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in the Global South)

Religious Life in America: A New Day Dawning

Bringing Religion Into International Relations (Culture and Religion in International Relations)

What a Touchy Subject!: Religious Liberty and Church-State Separation

The Resurrection of the Dead Saints How can we explain this mysterious passage in the Gospel of Matthew? The Family of Jesus Did other members of his family initially disapprove of his activities Religion, Politics, and Polarization: How Religiopolitical Conflict Is Changing Congress and American Democracy? Three approaches to the study of religion. Available at: Three approaches to the study of religion Culture Shift: Engaging Current Issues with Timeless Truth (Today's Critical Concerns). The report also makes state-by-state comparisons and suggests which states might make good “candidates” for new Orthodox parishes. This report examines the budgets and overall financial health of the parishes in three largest American Orthodox jurisdictions: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA), Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (AOCA), and Orthodox Church in America (OCA) The Tikkun Reader. Mortality is pertinent to academics in the fields of anthropology, art, classics, history, literature, medicine, music, socio-legal studies, social policy, sociology, philosophy, psychology and religious studies God in Action: How Faith in God Can Address the Challenges of the World. Turning to the non-Christian world, it is difficult to understand Islam as anything other than transnational Presidential Election 2012. The Catholic worldview and its relation to modern society. (Field 1) Investigates Christian views of Justice through an examination of biblical and theological concepts of justice and injustice along with analysis of local and global examples of injustice and possible responses to those situations. (Field 1, Justice) Interaction of religion and politics in the United States and other cultures The Religious Subversion of Democracy. In third world countries such as Brazil, India, Africa etc. religion is very important as from religion they can make 'sense' of life. What is life and death? and many other question. In this countries science has not arrived thus religion answers all of these questions. Buddisum) as they believe in their way of life. By this I mean although they do believe science, big bang, evolution etc. they also want to be vegetarians or do not want to have alcohol or do not want to gamble etc The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right. As a discipline, theology has the peculiarity of being related to three distinct publics -- academy, church and society. Any genuine theological proposal that really means what it says about God implicitly addresses all three publics. In fact, however, most theologies emerge from and are principally addressed to one of these three publics. Academic theologies (with their focus on such questions as method, the disciplinary status of theology in the modern university, the relationships of theology and religious studies, and the development of public criteria for theological language) are obviously related principally to the public of the academy THE MORAL EMPHATIC. Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, the Church Training and Deaconess House Scholarship Fund provides a limited number of annual grants for $2,000 to $3,000 to women who are enrolled in a post-baccalaureate degree program in religious studies to be ordained in the ministry or further her lay ministry Jihad Academy: The Rise of Islamic State. A letter of application describing your research, a c.v., a two-page dissertation abstract, a chapter-length writing sample, a syllabus for an introductory undergraduate course on the Qur’an and Qur’anic studies and three letters of reference should be submitted on-line at Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community.