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University of the Incarnate Word Faculty Anthology, 2005. By mid-summer, Merton had lost nearly all interest in organized religion that he had found in Rome. In addition to core courses designed for doctoral-level students with Religious Studies as either their Coordinating or Co-Discipline, the Program offers graduate and undergraduate courses. Students will demonstrate understanding of the field of religious studies, including an appreciation of disciplines and sub-disciplines within the field.

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Saving Christianity From Empire

Bob Spencer; Episcopal Church, Retired, Chaplain, Social Change Coordinator, The Episcopal Church Wyoming Equality; Rock Springs, WY Reverend Erin E Contesting the Nation: Religion, Community, and the Politics of Democracy in India (South Asia Seminar Series). Religions in America is an interdisciplinary area of graduate study that investigates religious ideas, practices, institutions, and movements in colonial North America, the United States, and those of the broader hemisphere Peace be with you!. The second consists of the experience and practice of varieties of ministry. This is found principally in a student’s Field Education placements, but also in the various aspects of life in the seminary community. Those courses which seek to integrate the various academic fields, and academic learning with practical experience, form the final category Under God?: Religious Faith and Liberal Democracy. A longitudinal study of 2,812 older adults in New Haven, CT, found that frequent religious attenders in 1982 were significantly less likely than infrequent attenders to be physically disabled 12 years later, a finding that persisted after controlling for health practices, social ties, and indicators of well-being Consider These Things With Me. What can I do with a degree in theology or religious studies? Where can a degree in religion or religious studies take you? By earning a degree in theology or similar discipline, you’ll be qualified for a range of endeavors and ministry-related careers. To learn more about your career options, you can visit The Bureau of Labor Statistics for job descriptions and salary statistics Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Right Harms Us All—and What We Can Do about It. Organized in collaboration with Carl Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, the program seeks to highlight the richness and diversity of the Muslim experience through a combination of performances, workshops, and other community events. From the program website: “This project evolved from a desire to refute monolithic thinking about the practice of Islam and about Muslim communities and individuals – in other words, to contest the notion that there is any single narrative of Muslim identity or experience, a notion which is reinforced by oversimplified presentations of Muslims in our national discourse. “We propose that the performances and community events we have curated will reveal the plurality of Muslim identity Christ or Caesar - An Essay by William Lyon Phelps.

Download The Pope and I: How the Lifelong Friendship between a Polish Jew and Pope John Paul II Advanced the Cause of Jewish-Christian Relations pdf

From an academic perspective, the study of religion offers powerful insights into human behavior and cultures. Religious beliefs inform what people value and how they act. Religious differences are often used for political purposes, such as those seen in international conflicts and in American politics. On a personal level, many students have grown up with religious beliefs that sometimes sustain, and sometimes restrain, their development read The Pope and I: How the Lifelong Friendship between a Polish Jew and Pope John Paul II Advanced the Cause of Jewish-Christian Relations online. A degree in Religious Studies provides a strong liberal arts foundation in critical and creative thinking, as well as in oral and written communication. Careers pursued by our recent Religious Studies graduates include: The Black Church is but one expression of the broader phenomenon of African American Religion The Necessity of Secularism: Why God Can't Tell Us What to Do. Prerequisite: one 100- or 200-level Philosophy course or consent of instructor. 400 Social and Political Philosophy. (3) An investigation of some of the philosophical problems arising from political society, such as authority and obligation, freedom and rights, justice and equality, coercion and punishment. Prerequisite: one 100- or 200-level Philosophy course or consent of instructor. 405 Philosophy of Religion. (3) A critical examination of the philosophical issues arising from religious beliefs, utilizing historical and contemporary writings Religion and Politics in South Asia.

Religion and the State: Essays in Honor of Leo Pfeffer

Political Spirituality in an Age of Eco-Apocalypse: Communication and Struggle Across Species, Cultures, and Religions

Jewish Life in Early Modern Rome (Variorum Collected Studies Series)

Images of Authority: A Consideration of the Concepts of Regnum and Sacerdotium (The Terry Lectures Series)

Their eternal realms, too, will be overturned. And his heaven will fall and break in two. His [...] will fall down upon the [...] support them; they will fall into the abyss, and the abyss will be overturned. The light will [...] the darkness and obliterate it: it will be like something that never was. [edit] Manichaeism This light-maiden (parthenos tou phōtos) encounters us also among the Manichaeans as exciting the impure desires of the Daemons, and thereby setting free the light which has hitherto been held down by the power of darkness.[74] On the other hand, the place of the Gnostic Sophia is among Manichaeans taken by the "Mother of Life" (mētēr tēs zōēs), and by the World-Soul (psychē hapantōn), which on occasions is distinguished from the Life-Mother, and is regarded as diffused through all living creatures, whose deliverance from the realm of darkness constitutes the whole of the world's history.[75] Their return to the world of light is described in the famous Canticum Amatorium.[76] [edit] Mythology The archetypal fall and recovery of Sophia is additionally linked (to a varying degree) to many different myths and stories (see damsel in distress) Religion and Politics in South Asia. Christina Bucher teaches courses in Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh, Old Testament) and ancient Near Eastern religions and texts, as well language courses in Biblical Hebrew and upper-level seminars on the Bible (e.g., Women, Gender, and Hebrew Scriptures; Bible through Culture) The Mad Messiah: Osama bin Laden and the Seeds of Terror. The appointment start date is August 25, 2015. To apply, candidates must submit a Candidate Profile through Jobs@Uva ( ), select posting number 0615097 and electronically attach the following: a cover letter of interest describing research agenda and teaching experience, a curriculum vitae, a sample letter or chapter-length scholarly work (Attach to Writing Sample 1) and contact information for three references God Willing?: Political Fundamentalism in the White House, the 'War on Terror' and the Echoing Press.

Divine Destruction: Dominion Theology and American Environmental Policy (Melville Manifestos)

Ethnicity and Religion: Intersections and Comparisons (Association for the Study of Nationalities)

Bringing Religion Into International Relations (Culture and Religion in International Relations)

Cuba: Religion, Social Capital, and Development

Understanding Islamic Fundamentalism: The Theological and Ideological Basis of al-Qa'ida's Political Tactics

Morality Politics in American Cities (Studies in Government & Public Policy)

How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)

Fighting for Faith and Nation: Dialogues with Sikh Militants (Series in Contemporary Ethnography)

Separation of Church and State: Historical Fact and Current Fiction

Transformations of Religion and the Public Sphere: Postsecular Publics (Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series)

Pure Land, Real World: Modern Buddhism, Japanese Leftists, and the Utopian Imagination (Pure Land Buddhist Studies)

Between God and Beast: An Examination of Amos Oz's Prose

The Next Religious Establishment

Religion, Language, and Power (Routledge Studies in Religion)

Confronting the Nazi War on Christianity: The Kulturkampf Newsletters, 1936-1939. The Definitive English-Language Edition of the Kulturkampf ... History of Religious and Political Pluralism)

Two: The Machine of Political Theology and the Place of Thought (Commonalities (FUP))

A Pocket Philosophical Dictionary (Oxford World's Classics)

There were opposing interest groups within the clergy Religion and Public Life in the Pacific Northwest: The None Zone (Religion by Region). Duke University Department of Religious Studies 118 Gray Building, Box 90964 Durham, NC 27708 phone (919) 660-3510 fax (919) 660-3530 MrT's Religious Studies Site is a Catholic Church located in Zip Code 28226. The history of ecclesiastical structures Ask Billy Graham: The World's Best-Loved Preacher Answers Your Most Important Questions? Mark X Jacobs; Jewish, Director, Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life; New York, NY Rev. Sharon Jacobson; Tawa Pano Unity Fellowship Church; Rochester, NY Rev download The Pope and I: How the Lifelong Friendship between a Polish Jew and Pope John Paul II Advanced the Cause of Jewish-Christian Relations pdf. Offer has been made and accepted in January (field: early Islam) Applications are invited for a tenure-track position as assistant professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies to begin August 2015 epub. Biblical Resources, covering both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and compiled by the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life (ARIL), which also publishes the scholarly journal Cross Currents. Bible Study Tools In order to limit your search to the New Testament (NT), instead of "Whole Bible" option, click on the arrow to the right of "Whole Bible" and choose NT. This site also contains useful links to Bible concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and lexicons among other things Truth and Politics: A Theological Comparison of Joseph Ratzinger and John Milbank (Emerging Scholars). The Department of Religious Studies is particularly interested in candidates who can establish connections with our interdisciplinary programs, and offer courses that may be cross-listed with other departments in the college The Cross versus The Cresent. The Department of Religion at Sewanee: The University of the South seeks applications for a tenure-track position in Religion and Migration with a focus on the religious constitution of the Americas and the Caribbean, to begin August 2015 Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers. So in the context of Otto, for holy it is possible to read sacred: the religious experience he discusses is the experience of the sacred.] Otto's next approximation is the notion of creature-feeling. He suggests that those who experience the numinous experience a sense of dependency on something objective and external to themselves that is greater than themselves Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community. As with other institutions in modern systems, organizations or organized religion, as constituted by churches, denominations, and sects, provided the context in which to understand religious belief and practice The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right. Marcia Hauer; United Methodist Church, pastor, Bennett Chapel United Methodist Church; Portland, OR Rev. Havens; (retired) Chaplain/Coordinator of Pastoral Care Services; Glenn Falls, NY Reverend Ruth T. Healy; Episcopal Church, Episcopal Church of the Epiphany; Decatur, GA Rev. Alicia Heath-Toby; Unity Fellowship Church (Movement) of Rochester, NY; Perry, NY Rev. Jane Geffken Heckles; United Church of Christ, S Cal Nevada Conference of the UCC; Altadena, CA Mr My God is Better Than Your god: Battle Cry of Armageddon. One House of Study for Reformed Theology has been established. c] Houses of Study refer to a specific confessional based theology; schools refer to denominations/churches and specific ministerial needs. d] Currently, there are 3 role players [entities] in the House for Reformed theology: the Kweekskool of the Dutch Reformed Church, the Theological School of the Uniting Reformed Church and the Theological School of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa. e] In order to enhance co-operation and efficient liaison, church representatives on the Board for Lecturers as well as a Church Liaison Body serve as links between the academic structure and the interests of the churches. 5.3 A graphic representation of this structure: 5.4 Other goals of the Faculty: 5.4.1 To promote academic excellence by: > Emphasizing the practice of Christian Theology in a systematized, critically responsible and scientific way. > Thorough exegesis and interpretation of the Bible for today. > Training and educating of Christian leaders, ministers, pastoral caregivers, lay workers and researchers. > Contributing to theological research within a national and international context. > Contributing in a constructive way to interdisciplinary academic work. 5.4.2 To become involved with social and ethical questions by: > Addressing ethical questions concerning persons within social contexts and ethical structures. > Addressing the relationship between theology and human/ecological needs. 5.4.3 To interpret the identity and faith tradition of the church in various contexts in terms of: > The role and calling of the church in society and the contribution to the international debate on vital questions. > The churches' involvement with the ecumene by means of confessional commitment and ecumenical liaison. > The contribution by the church to the inter-religious debate by means of a critical-constructive dialogue. 5.4.4 To promote an ethos that correlates with the nature of Christian spirituality in terms of: > The development of mature faith and internalized values and norms Views from a Hermitage: Theological Reflections on Religion in Today's World.