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Invites questions channeled material and consultations. This is the Information New Age and what better way to deliver than free EBook downloads! But while this is taking place and oxygen is pumped into the blood, a sense of well being (oxygen generated) and calm is felt. New-age artists range from solo or ensemble performances using classical-music instruments ranging from the piano, acoustic guitar, flute or harp to electronic musical instruments, or from Eastern instruments such as the sitar, tabla, and tamboura.

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Publisher: Global Grey (June 8, 2013)


Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Sister Barbara

Spirit Talks: Me & Mr. E.

Tony Pail

The Vital Message

The Aquarian Hypothesis: Spiritual Security in a Dot-Com World

This is only permanent if the subconscious absolves all unresolved emotions and contracts, hence this step is done last. (In many other modalities, this is the only work that is done, hence the results are not as permanent or gratifying.) When the magnetic fields release during each step, there is a definitive feeling of a “high”, an uplifting sensation in the brain and body,regardless of where the person is on the planet The Path of Christ or Antichrist (Climb the Highest Mountain). Lie #2: The Force is the Holy Spirit This is one of the most subversive New Age beliefs, a truly appalling lie Animal Souls Speak (Explorer Race Series, Book 13). Also the tiny 'elben-light' was stunningly whizzing and zig-zagging through the room and then even held my thumb for a few seconds after it had grasped it shortly. (...) The days after these séances I have regularly certain side- or follow-effects, regularly i feel a bit exhausted, sometimes weakened, very often with good and enduring energies Choice For Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Because of my ability to tap into this ancient vibrational field, I have received the following three universal truths: 1) Compassionate intentionality is the illumination of the cosmic soul. 2) The transfiguration of cosmic consciousness is the astral oneness. 3) Harmonic convergence is the quantum energy of biofeedback singularity. The prescription for being a New Age guru is the following: 1) Create verbiage that appears profound but that is otherwise meaningless When Spirits Speak: A Gathering of Heroes: Stories of U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam. New Agers are very interfaith in their outlook, and now many Christians have the same sensibilities. They have already crossed all denominational and "Christian" lines, and now they are finishing the process by crossing religious lines in order to bring together a New Age unity necessary for the enemy to carry out his purposes in the world The Polinko Light.

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Lie #4: Everything evolves, including Soul This is a highly seductive belief since, if presented in the right way, it can be made to seem supremely logical Light: The Reason for Existence. Indeed, the convey the new philosophic principles. (1688-1744). In his most famous work, An Essay on Man (1733), Pope expressed the optimism and respect for reason that marked the era. He described a Newtonian universe in the following often quoted lines: All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body nature is, and God the soul .. The Chronicles of Kismah. Clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and other psychic phenomena. Awareness of one’s essence and that of others. Channeling angelic and Christ-consciousness energies. Contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities The Flying Saucers Have Landed.

Spirit Paintings and Art from the Afterlife: The Greatest Spirit Artists and Medium Painters of all Time: THE WORLD'S 1st BOOK ON PSYCHIC ARTISTS

My Whispering Angels: The Inspiring Story of an Irish Woman Touched by Angels

Earth Mandala Journal

His reason for seeking spirituality from Buddhism is the same reason that Israel rejected the fountain of living waters and built broken cisterns. It is the same reason that many modern professing Christians are merging with the New Age Movement Oracles of Celestine Light: Vivus. Would God nullify the death of His only Son? Universalism is ultimately a New Age idea. "Among Dowling's manuscripts there was one called 'The Cusp of the Ages' describing the transfer of dominion from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. Dowling in the introduction to this gospel. Here is the description of the new era. 'This age will be an age of splendour and of light, because it is the home of the Holy Breath; and the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ, the Logos of the eternal Love Afterlives of the Rich and Famous. That day, while I began to put groceries away, he thought he’d go explore. Thankfully, we have all sorts of “bells and whistles” on every one of our doors that leads outside. The bells on the door handle jingled when Ronan reached for it. That noise tipped off his younger siblings, who blared for me loudly while trying to block their brother from going any further Psychic Development: All you need to know about being psychic, improving psychic ability, mediumship, clairvoyance, and more!. With information channeling on books channeling and seminars, including transcripts and translations channeling of the latest channelings. Paradise Now - Motivation and guidance from Orin, Seth, angels, and others. The Light Expansion Center - Articles on ascension, soul retrieval, and clearings channeled channeling from Melora, channeled material a group consciousness said to be channeling balanced perfectly between female channeled material and male energies I AM HERE: Channeled Wisdom for Changing Times. When it was reaching down to the mediums belly, 'Hans' put his hands between the mediums open legs and collected the downstreaming mass illuminating the whole room including sitters. When the last quantities were exuding 'Hans' started pulling the mass apart, explaining and showing to some degree the same thread-like interior sitters had seen before within other samples of ectoplasm Joseph--My Son, My Guide.

The Survival of the Soul (Do You Want to Know Everything?)

Channelling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels

Reiki Journaling From Japan: Poetry From A Special Reiki Journey

Return to Paradise: In New Heights of Glory

Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison's 'Desire to communicate'

The Gift of Fatima: My Story: The Channeling Of...a Remembrance

A Constant Search for Wisdom


Second Edition. Popular Topics, No. 2. A New View of the Temperance Question

Voices From the Void; Six Years' Experience in Automatic Communications

The Source Adventure

Constantine & Elophyny

When Spirits Speak: A Gathering of Heroes: Stories of U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam

The Phenomena of Materialisation

Stars are in the Biofield and in the Sky

Love From Heaven: Now includes a 7 day path to bring more love into your life

Soul Beautiful

During this interlude, he practiced yoga, attended Upanishad classes, visited nearby ashrams, and interacted with seemingly enlightened holy men in search of his own Master. He then traveled to Badrinath – a 220 km soul-seeking passage on foot – arriving famished in the town of his destiny Man Power God Power. The mass media has taken upon itself the task of transforming religious belief into a pile of feel-good mush - when they aren't actively seeking to destroy religion altogether. And testimony from religious experts like Zacharias confirms that assessment. I have to admit that were it not for the Conan O’Brien Show, I would not have realized until now that this was the final week of the Oprah Winfrey Show Vibration Problems in Engineering.. What sense does it make to trade one jail cell for another, when the prison walls are in reality our own forgotten creation? The real truth is that things are not as bad as we thought... ET Visitors Speak, Volume Two (Explorer Race Series, Book 15). After being run through with a sword during battle, Ramtha sat on a rock and meditated for seven years, became enlightened, taught his body to vibrate at a high frequency and ascended, like Jesus, RSE’s website explains. “Since the school was founded in 1989, more than 86,000 people worldwide have attended RSE events including about 7,500 in Washington State,” Knight’s Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based PR firm told the Intelligence Report Visions Of Light The Power Of Letting GO SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. From 1977 to the present Benjamin Creme has traveled around the world proclaiming that the coming of Maitreya (the Christ) is imminent. Maitreya, says Creme, is the leader of the Planetary Hierarchy and has been living incognito among human beings since 1977 when his consciousness entered a specially created body of manifestation, the "Mayavirupa." In a Greek transliteration he was known as Zoroaster. Zoroaster Zoroaster Padre Pio, a humble Capuchin priest from San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, was blessed by God in many wonderful and mysterious ways The Story of the People. Lucis Trust owns all the copyrights of the Alice Bailey books. Magic Circle Ring -- Drawn by occultists to protect them from the spirits and demons they call up by incantations and rituals. Maitreya -- The name has its roots in a legendary Buddha figure The Ghost in the Apartment. Spiritually, it had a romantic, rosy-tinted outlook that served to compensate for a life of dreary reality in which hyper-competition was degrading the quality of human relationships. Finally, being born in an age of hyper-commerce, New Age thinking took on the trappings of the market, and it started functioning in ways akin to market logic. It encouraged people to behave like consumers in picking and choosing what they wanted Dreamwalker: The Path of Sacred Power. On the surface, people who are married to a spouse from a faith different than their own are neither more nor less likely than married people overall to attend multiple types of religious services (25% among all of those in religiously mixed relationships, 24% among those in religiously matched marriages). However, among those who attend religious services at least yearly, more than four-in-ten in mixed marriages attend services of faiths different than their own, compared with roughly three-in-ten of those married to someone of the same faith Past Lives of the Rich and Famous.